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The Artist


Rodrigues Coelho, Brazilian born in the great cosmopolitan city of São Paulo, enters the XXIst. century with mature, contemporary and creative work. Possessing technique and chromatic skill of high sophistication it is clear to recognize real talent from the first contact with his work. Gifted with great sensitivity he transfers his social awareness of the newly emerging century onto his canvases.

The charm of his work declares the most ardent desire for a world of greater harmony with love. The abstract and the figurative show perfect fusion, both sublime and universal. 

Themes vary the static, yet vibrant, to the involving dynamic. Figures compose subjective dialogues through their intense interactivity.

This is the work of Rodrigues Coelho, whose catalogue and website reveal work of admirable and inimitable beauty.

His professionalism, in accordance to the rules of the market, associates itself peacefully with the meaning of Art in its highest conception.


James Arthur Lôbo Lisbôa




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